u may waste your time ...but not your brain

now comes... the great fuse aka suman mukherjee. well dont hav to tell much about dis guy

but a brief
he is an NTPC trainee and the day he got the training he got the job .
and after that he is the busiest person in orkut... reason???
dunno may be the NTPC has given him the job to chat wid girls only , change your profile image every hour, make the girls post comments on photo album in orkut and get the permanent post of "THE ORKUT GUY"
and blah , blah , blah

but what could be his salary????
well am sure girls [ his so called crush] will know it by his frequent dialogue " come to online , i hav no balance "

he is still ding this job
and he wants to do 'this' job abroad i.e saudi arabia

he is just a diploma holder

i think the recession period is over
do you????
:D :D :P

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