u may waste your time ...but not your brain

pithwish , samhita , sayan and me ... the four of us formed the MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP 2008, EGYPT .... but dont know who is the main culprit that the team reaced round 2, i,e top 30 amongst the world :)

pithwish .. loved me because he thinks m unique, he thinks am pampering myself because i like computer . the only word he used to say " why are you like wrapped in a polythin?"

our relation did not work out .... cause to me love is not saying that " i miss yoy , i love you , hold me like you never let me go.............." we broke up

towa aka samhita , my family friend , tried to patch up she used to like prithwish [ who rejected her because c is 4m a mediocre family]
but ... i cant love a guy who is nagging , emotional fool , blackmailing all the time

i left ....

sayan ... i selscted this guy for my team . at first i found him enthusiastic for the team work

but later no sign of him

and ultimately this work carried out by me and towa
i wonder its a male dominating society but still why cant guys think a bit ?? innovate????

i remember i asked prithish to find a team name
he gave the names>>>" what's in a name, 3 musketeers.."

i asked sayan to write the script . he said " hmmm.." but he didnot

but missing IMAGINE CUP
want to participate again

but who will be the team members ??? except me and towa???

rather who is d right one????............no one myself

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