u may waste your time ...but not your brain

posted some f d pics cldnt post all.... chek out d post

the snaps wre taken 4m a moving car while coming back from birbhum to calcutta



5:08 AM

its dawn

the last pic m heading dis way on my car

2nd pic--- found a man so early in the morning

topmost pic----- they are d santhals.... its santhal para

lol i hav never been a blogger freak ........... yesterday night i was not a good health
now am out wid my handycam for snapshots f d rural birbhum ...
click click clik :) :D

and the craziest thing is i have not yet said it to my mamarbari-people

:P jst said it to my lil sis chellie

wake up...goodmorning kolkata

bdw kings am running out f balance and no 89
i hav negtv balance

will trry to b onli9 lets c

just took the camera , laptop , charger , and d datacable
almost on the way to home
adventorous isn't it?????????

yeahh . no ph calls, sms alone
but yes loving the solitude
the driver seems to be tired its a long journey ....
catching the durgapur express highway

but feeling like that the world is so small

am enjoying yet am missing my friend..kings :)
i must hav wid him yet i cant
poor boy :(
dont be upset dear .. kp reading my blogs and orkut updates you wil get to hear me

well the road is so smooth .. u wil be bored after a few minutes
playing the anoushka shankar ragas

heyyy wait write now i snapped sme pic from my handycam
uploading it
hold on....

here it goes

ohhh got d battery f my laptop is blinking
have to shut down lets c if i get the current on my mamarbari
u knw wat??? this is the first time am travelling alone in the car its exciting


tommorow i will try to go to some remote areas in birbhum
lets c
if i am able to show you some hidden facts or not


Subaha subaha ka khyaal aaj
Wapas gokul chal mathura raaj
Mathura nagarpati kaahe tum gokul jaaon?
Manohar vesh chhod nand raaj
Sar se utaarke sundar taaj
Raj dand chhod bhumi par vaaj
Phir kaahe baansuri bajaao?
Mathura nagarpati kaahe tum gokul jaao
Kaun sa anokha geet gaye pee kakool
Raj paat jaise aaj bhai dhool?
Kaun sa anokha geet gaaye pee kakool
Birhan laage phir hridaya akool
Raj kaaj man na lagaao
Mathura nagarpati kkahe tum Gokul jaao?
Poor naari saari vyakul nayan
Kusum sajaa lage kantak shayan
Poor naari saari vyakul nayan
Raat bhar madhav jaagat bechain
Kaahe aadhi raat saarathi bulaayo?
Dheere dheere pahunchat jamuna ke teer
Sunsaan panghat mridul sameer
Dheere dheere pahunchat jamuna ke teer
Khan khan madhav birha madeer
Use kaahe bhool na paao
Tumhari piriya ab puri gharvaali
Doodh navan ghivoo din bhar khaali
Biraha ke aansoon kab ke, ho kab ke ponch daali
Phir kaahe dard jagaao?
Mathura nagarpati kaahe tum gokul jao??

pithwish , samhita , sayan and me ... the four of us formed the MICROSOFT IMAGINE CUP 2008, EGYPT .... but dont know who is the main culprit that the team reaced round 2, i,e top 30 amongst the world :)

pithwish .. loved me because he thinks m unique, he thinks am pampering myself because i like computer . the only word he used to say " why are you like wrapped in a polythin?"

our relation did not work out .... cause to me love is not saying that " i miss yoy , i love you , hold me like you never let me go.............." we broke up

towa aka samhita , my family friend , tried to patch up she used to like prithwish [ who rejected her because c is 4m a mediocre family]
but ... i cant love a guy who is nagging , emotional fool , blackmailing all the time

i left ....

sayan ... i selscted this guy for my team . at first i found him enthusiastic for the team work

but later no sign of him

and ultimately this work carried out by me and towa
i wonder its a male dominating society but still why cant guys think a bit ?? innovate????

i remember i asked prithish to find a team name
he gave the names>>>" what's in a name, 3 musketeers.."

i asked sayan to write the script . he said " hmmm.." but he didnot

but missing IMAGINE CUP
want to participate again

but who will be the team members ??? except me and towa???

rather who is d right one????............no one myself

now comes... the great fuse aka suman mukherjee. well dont hav to tell much about dis guy

but a brief
he is an NTPC trainee and the day he got the training he got the job .
and after that he is the busiest person in orkut... reason???
dunno may be the NTPC has given him the job to chat wid girls only , change your profile image every hour, make the girls post comments on photo album in orkut and get the permanent post of "THE ORKUT GUY"
and blah , blah , blah

but what could be his salary????
well am sure girls [ his so called crush] will know it by his frequent dialogue " come to online , i hav no balance "

he is still ding this job
and he wants to do 'this' job abroad i.e saudi arabia

he is just a diploma holder

i think the recession period is over
do you????
:D :D :P

now comes the most and the craziest hallucinating people avijit sarkar aka guddu

well like anirban i met this guy from the social networking site 'orkut'

our chat was somewhat like this...
guddu: hi am avijit, i love to make frndship
me: hi
guddu : the day i saw you in orkut i think you are the one
...guddu went offline....

-DAY 2-
guddu: y dont u trust me .. you know what ...
me: huh???
guddu : forget about your friends
me [ god lemme block him]

after 1 yr guddu opend a new gtalk id and
guddu: heyy how come you be online?
me: you only sent me the chat request
guddu : me ?!! ohh . hmm .. how is going on ?
me: nice

again he went on the 'block' mode :P
:D :D :D

he claims himself a workaholic guy. can work for 3 days at a stage ... he thinks he is a full of innovative ideas and he is the best
well, yes he is.
but he is not the best
he has a lot of innovations , they r always the best as he claims without any one else judgments. he like to work in a team only if he is the boss , if he is the boss of everything , where the team members are just dumb listeners
he writes blog ...unlike me [every hour] but only about himself. he likes everything which deals with publishing or showing off his nature

i remember a quote " you cant hide the truth"

then i ask him y such imposing a tag like ' i am the best, i am the allrounder'?
i closed d chapter
he postponed many projects like film making and all because he is not ' d boss'

ahh you want the proof???

these characters are not fictitious but will be fictious in my next script
-what you said? "these?"
- yeah you are right many people have made my life an interesting hell :P
will soon interlink them ... these are just brief intro about their personality

people i met till now few hav imposed an image upon me.. few not ...
they must not be aware that how we, the world observe and conclude about there character.
they are anirban saha , avijit sarkar, suman mukherjee [aka fuse ], prithwish tarafder, samhita sanyal , sayan chatterjee......yet to be added check out the later posts under this site

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