u may waste your time ...but not your brain

just took the camera , laptop , charger , and d datacable
almost on the way to home
adventorous isn't it?????????

yeahh . no ph calls, sms alone
but yes loving the solitude
the driver seems to be tired its a long journey ....
catching the durgapur express highway

but feeling like that the world is so small

am enjoying yet am missing my friend..kings :)
i must hav wid him yet i cant
poor boy :(
dont be upset dear .. kp reading my blogs and orkut updates you wil get to hear me

well the road is so smooth .. u wil be bored after a few minutes
playing the anoushka shankar ragas

heyyy wait write now i snapped sme pic from my handycam
uploading it
hold on....

here it goes

ohhh got d battery f my laptop is blinking
have to shut down lets c if i get the current on my mamarbari
u knw wat??? this is the first time am travelling alone in the car its exciting


tommorow i will try to go to some remote areas in birbhum
lets c
if i am able to show you some hidden facts or not


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