u may waste your time ...but not your brain

he claims himself a workaholic guy. can work for 3 days at a stage ... he thinks he is a full of innovative ideas and he is the best
well, yes he is.
but he is not the best
he has a lot of innovations , they r always the best as he claims without any one else judgments. he like to work in a team only if he is the boss , if he is the boss of everything , where the team members are just dumb listeners
he writes blog ...unlike me [every hour] but only about himself. he likes everything which deals with publishing or showing off his nature

i remember a quote " you cant hide the truth"

then i ask him y such imposing a tag like ' i am the best, i am the allrounder'?
i closed d chapter
he postponed many projects like film making and all because he is not ' d boss'

ahh you want the proof???

these characters are not fictitious but will be fictious in my next script
-what you said? "these?"
- yeah you are right many people have made my life an interesting hell :P
will soon interlink them ... these are just brief intro about their personality

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